Medusa Records

MEDUSA RECORDS is not really a label, we just try to help a few Bands, because I've drawn their coverartworks.(with DRAGON DESIGN, our main-company)
MEDUSA Productions was created to help Bands I've worked for with drawings,we're trying to promote this releases and to distribute them as good as possible. At this point I should say, that our work is pretty Underground, we're no official distributor in Germany, but we got some good contact to UG-Zines and mailorders due to the drawings i did for them as well.


MP/DD 018
ARSIRIUS"Lvdi Incipiant" CD

MP/DD 017

MP/DD 016
ABROGATION "tief schwarz blutig rot" CD

MP/DD 015

MP/DD 014
MISTWEAVER "Tales from the Grave" CD and MP/DD003 MISTWEAVER Dream's Domain" CD

MP/DD 013
GATECRUSHER "WORDS ON EMPTY DRAFTS " CD Melodic Death Metal from Skandinavian nature

MP/DD 012
IMMORTAL RITES "For Tyrant's Sake" CD well-known band!

MP/DD 011
DARK FACES "The Path" CD Melodic Death Metal from the dephts of Bavaria, with Gothic & Black Metal influences.

MP/DD 010
DISMAL DIVINITY "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam" (melodic swedish death metal)

MP/DD 009
HATRED DIVINE "Blindfolded Eyes..." CD Epic Black/Death with pagan influences from Southern Germany with members of SVARROGH

MP/DD 008
SVARROGH "Lady Vitosha" (extraordinary Pagan/Black Metal-album, which is inspired by the ancient Bulgarian culture... rough and
with folk/melodic parts and Bulgarian lyrics)

MP/DD 007
DEAD EMOTIONS "The Genesis Behind" CD (Dark/Death Metal from Germany, even more brutal than "Gates To the Unseen")

MP/DD 006
DISPATCHED "Terrorizer - The last Chapter" Digi Cd (Melodic Death from Sweden) sold out - only few copies left!!! for this item!!!

MP/DD 005
DAEMONLORD "The Sign - Key of the Underworld: Regained...." CD (Black/Death from Spain, Ex-Demonlord)

MP/DD 004
DEAD EMOTIONS "Gates To The Unseen" CD (Dark/Death Metal from Germany)

MP/DD 003
MISTWEAVER "Dream's Domain" (CD Melodic Death Metal from Spain with heavy and medieval influences)

MP/DD 002
SOMBER SERENITY "Singular" CD (Epic Dark Metal from Germany)

MP/DD 001
"Dragonclaws" Compil.CD with: Morifade, Wizard, Steel Warrior, Violation, Isegrim, Mystic Circle,
Graveworm, D.A.B., Dethronement,Dispatched, Dead Emotions, Soul Demise, a.m.m.